11 June 2014

The Summer Tag

Since summer's around the corner, I saw this tag and I was like, why not? Summer is definitely my favorite season (when it's not 150 degrees outside), so here I am about to tell you some of my favorite summer related things. This tag was originally created by makeup-pixi3

1.  What's your favourite thing about Summer?
My favorite thing about summer is definitely feeling free and having no school or work and just going out whenever you'd like.

2.  Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
My favorite drink is Lemonade all year long, so yes, lemonade.

3.  Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?
Probably to visit my dad since he works in another country, so that's what I do each summer.

4.  Favourite makeup look for Summer?
Honestly, I just go for mascara (which is a basic of mine), some colorful lipgloss, bronzer, and concealer to hide the imperfections. I like a minimal makeup look as an everyday routine.

5.  Dresses or skirts?
Skirts because you can always mix and match.

6.  Sandals or ballet pumps?
Ballet pumps. (I don't like showing off much of my feet)

7.  Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for Summer?
Mostly down because it's fun, but if I'm running some errands then I wear it up.

8.  Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?
Definitely bold lips for me. 

9.  Favourite perfume for Summer?
I love the perfume Shock by Calvin Klein, it's such a nice fruity scent!

10.  Last but not least, favourite music for Summer?
Ahh this is probably the hardest question for me cause my favorite songs change probably everyday, but generally I like loud catchy songs. Thank God for SoundCloud though! (Check out my account here *wink* *wink*) 

So that's all for my summer tag, I hope you guys got to know me a bit better, and I hope you all have a nice, fun, unforgettable summer! 


  1. Nice tag! Its a nice change to see a beauty tag on a blog :) Next time though you should tag other bloggers so that it can continue. I would love to see a beauty blogger tag!

    1. I know right? I wish we had tags as fun as YouTube tags. And that's a great idea! I tag you to do this ahah :)

  2. Fun tag! We have a lot of similarities in answers! :) Well, except I probably won't be going to visit your dad...haha!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee


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