13 June 2014

#OOTD | Lina Khalifa

Yesterday, I went out with my friends, we had lunch by the beach and I've gotta say this, the view was amazing! I just love staring at the beach and the sunsets and clearing my mind, nothing makes me as happy as that.  

I decided to go with this outfit as it's a bit casual but the cardigan will keep me cozy if it gets windy by the beach. And I braided my hair into a fishtail (I can't believe it turned out somewhat proper).
Also, excuse my face, the sun was way too bright! 
Ahh, this cardigan from Forever 21 is just my favorite piece of clothing ever, it's so comfortable and cozy and I love it! 

Look at how pretty the sunset was, amazing. 

Striped top: H&M
Black undershirt: H&M 
Jeans (or jeggings): Zara 
Cardigan: Forever 21 
Bag (mentioned in What's In My Bag post): H&M 
Shoes: Debenhams 

I'm a big fan of H&M as you can tell, but anyway that is my outfit of the day, hope to guys liked this post and thanks for taking the time to read it x 


  1. I find I often layer with a boyfriend cardigan and I almost always take one with me when I leave home


  2. Love your fishtail! For me the ultimate relaxation is sky shopping, that is, staring into blue sky and white clouds :)


    1. Aw thanks! And yes that's definitely super relaxing for me too! The world is beautiful for the ones who appreciate its beauty :)

  3. Gorgeous i love the beach and the sea! i live in cornwall and there is nothing better than going to the sea front and just thinking :)

    Following hon, hope you will check me out and maybe follow back x

    New entry on my blog, why does plus have to be boring? - http://shimzbeauty.com/who-said-plus-had-to-be-boring/

    1. Thanks a bunch lovely! Means a lot x And of course I'll check it out :)

  4. Such a cute oversized cardi- love this for summer when it's always so chilly at night!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    1. Agreed! I get cold easily so I always need a jacket or cardigan of some sort x

  5. Beautiful picture of sunset! I like your jeans and cardigan!



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