30 June 2014

Bath & Body Works Haul!

I discovered a couple of days ago, as I was shopping with my mother, that I get really excited over scents and body care products. So when I found out that Bath & Body Works had a sale on, I just couldn't walk past it and not pick some few things up!

So first off, we got some shower gels. These smell... amazing! As soon as you open it and put some on your shower loofah, the smell of both of these fill the whole bathroom. They honestly make me want to stay in the shower for hours smelling them! They also linger on your body after a wash, making you smell good and making everyone around you know it! 

Next are these amazing foaming hand soaps, these are probably my favorite out of the haul. They are in a liquid form, but when you pump them out of the bottle, they turn into a foam structure, so you massage them into your hands, wash your hands, then end up smelling them every 5 seconds. Both of these smell so fruity and wonderful. I wish I bought even more of these! 

Last but not least, is this cooling foot spray. Now, I don't have much to say about this since I've only tried it a couple of times, but it does smell good, and it is soothing for your feet. So, if you've had a long day and want to just rest in bed and not move at all, spray this on your feet and it will help!

Aaand, that concludes today's post! I hope you guys liked it. Sadly, I didn't find any candles on sale and that was upsetting, but nonetheless, I'm glad I got these stuff! 

Have you checked out Bath & Body Works's sale? What products do you like most?


  1. This stuff looks great!

  2. I love Bath & Body works, but most of the time I only buy their candles. It's been ages since I tried any of their shower gels or lotions. I've never heard of a cooling foot spray, but I gotta say that it does sound intriguing ;)

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    1. Same here! I normally go straight for the candles, but now after trying some of their other stuff, I think I'll be buying even more of them! x

  3. I love Bath and Body Works. They're really great, but not yet here in the Philippines, so we have to order online and stuff.
    You have a great blog. I like your template. Would you like to follow each other via gfc?


  4. Thanks lovely x And yes they are great! Hopefully they'll open next to you soon x

  5. Nice post! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I really wish there was a Bath & Body works in the UK. Their sales seem amazing! xx


  7. They are! And their products are even more amazing! Hopefully they'll open in the UK soon :) x


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