17 July 2014


Do you ever sit back and think about some of your favorite memories? That's been happening a lot with me lately. I went on my computer and looked at some of my old photos during previous summers and decided, why not share it with you guys?

Sunsets are my favorite thing, if you've read my previous OOTD post, you would've heard me say that before.

Pretty little ladybug!

  BBQs, just look at the food! Doesn't it make you hungry? Because it sure is making me!

Another sunset... Shocker. But how beautiful? I just had to put this on here.

This was a bit random, but when you have nice pictures saved somewhere on your laptop, you just have to put them on the internet for people's viewing pleasure!

What was your favorite summer memory? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for reading xo


  1. these are really sweet :) thanks for sharing


    Jump Into Puddles

  2. I find myself doing this all the time! I love to look at old pictures and remember the good times. Sometimes I will call the people in the pics "hey! you remember when we..." lovely post thank you


  3. Aww, that's really sweet! This is why I love taking pictures. Thanks for reading x


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